Bonkers Slot Game

Bonkers Slots
Everyone goes mad, well bonkers for this slots game that has three reels and just one payline. Players can place single coin bets, two coins per bet or three coins per bet and choose the value of their coins ranging from $0.05 up to $5 per coin. In other words the highest bet possible is $15 per spin. There is only one payline in this game and this sits in the middle of the screen on what looks like a traditional one armed bandit slots machine.

The Highest Paying Symbols

The highest payout in this game is given for three of the red 7 symbols appearing on the screen. In this case the player wins 1200 coins with a three coin bet, with a two coin bet the player wins 400 coins and with a single coin bet the player wins 200 coins. After this the next highest paying symbol is the three bars giving players 240,160 and 80 coins respectfully.

The Bonkers Feature

There is an extra feature in this game that takes the name of the game; Bonkers. Two of the bonkers symbols give players three re-spins where a guaranteed win is promised and if three of the bonkers symbols appear on the screen the player wins 10 re-spins. The re-spins are detailed on the side of the screen and the player can see his progress as they are played. This simple game has a nice twist to it that gives players more chances to win large amounts and definitely more time to play the game.